I am a Decatur, Illinois native, born and raised by a single mother with strong influences from my two aunts.  I am a career firefighter and graduate of Millikin University where I was a member of my beloved fraternity, Kappa Sigma.  I am a brother to an amazing sister, an uncle to one unbelievable niece, and a loyal friend to many.

First and foremost, I don’t build my motorcycles alone.  I have a ton of help and I am still learning as I go.  Together, my friends Josh McBride, Trevor Lahey, and Todd Speckman have taught me nearly everything I know about building bikes and fabrication.  I could not do it without them.  I have also learned a lot simply through trial and error and a “how to” book by Billy Lane of Choppers Inc.

Motorcycles are my passion.  Motorcycles are my art.  Motorcycles are my therapy.  I don’t want to be the most famous bike builder in the world.  I want to be the bike builder who does the most good through the art of the motorcycle.