The cards, as a whole, represent playing the hand we are dealt in life.  We can’t choose the hand we were dealt, but we can choose how we play it.  From right to left the joker card represents my sense of humor and a reminder to not take life too seriously.  Like two fists or two clubs, the two of clubs card represents all the things in my life that that have beaten me down.  The three of diamonds represents three forms of forgiveness; (1) forgiveness of others, (2) forgiveness of oneself, (3) being forgiven.  The four of hearts represents the four members of my immediate family and all my friends.  And finally, the ace of spades, the best card in a deck, represents all the good in my life.  That’s why it’s on top!

The six guns also have significant meaning.  One is a reminder to always “shoot people straight”, tell it like it is, and always tell the truth.  The other six gun’s meaning has never been told anyone and keep its’ meaning to myself. 

And the wings?  Well honestly, I just thought they looked cool!!!